Seagate Personal Cloud

Is Seagate Personal Cloud Safe For You?

The cloud is one of the largest advancements in recent technology. Not only does it both allow both companies and individual users access to near infinite amounts of data storage across multiple devices, but it also enables quick collaboration from different locations.

However, though the cloud is effective, it also comes with certain safety issues or concerns. All cloud storage programs, even large ones like Dropbox and Google Drive, can compromise the information within them if the right steps are not taken.

Luckily, almost all popular or well-known cloud programs have technology that prevents outside attacks and improves general security.  

The Seagate Personal Cloud is a perfect example of such measures, revealing it is as a truly safe and secure system.

Seagate Personal Cloud: Working To Protect You

All technology is susceptible to some form of attack. However, many people pay special attention to the cloud because it is connected to so many different people and systems.

Fortunately, cloud networks are much more secure than many people would first think. Every service offers some form of protection, and that is one area where the Seagate Personal Cloud excels.

The system, which had a few growing pains upon release, gives you a way to back up all of your data (from movies to pictures to documents and folders) and share it without worrying about opening it up to the outside world.

The following sections will cover that technology in order to show that, despite first opinions, it is indeed safe.

Understanding The Personal Cloud

Before diving into the different ways the Seagate Personal Cloud helps protect your data, we must first look at what a personal cloud is and analyze how it works.

The most popular cloud storage options in today’s world are big brands like Dropbox and Google Drive. Those storage systems are known as public clouds, and they are where a service provider makes software and data storage available through an online service.

While those are effective, they do come with a larger issue in that, as they are run by an outside company, they are largely out of the user’s control.

That lack of control is what many people worry about, and why users turn to services like the Seagate Personal Cloud.

To get that control back, many small businesses and individual users set up or purchase network-attached storage (NAS) systems. Those device-based clouds are distinctly different than public ones because, as they are personal, they enable you to control the system.

NAS devices work as a central secure location where you can both backup and store files without worrying about outside companies or users influencing your data.

The Seagate Personal Cloud is a perfect example of that system style, giving you a way to control and store your data away from the outside world.

An Excellent And Effective Device Manager

The Seagate Personal Cloud is a device that is meant to protect your data and keep your information secure. It does this in a multitude of different ways and through many different channels.

You will find many different apps and technologies built directly into the device, and while most of them are great for leisure or fun, the device manager is excellent at showing off the Seagate Personal Cloud’s ample security.

It may be odd to discuss a device manager when breaking down security features, but the amount of control the personal cloud gives you is what sets it apart.

The device manager is one of best security-based features of the Seagate Personal Cloud because it enables you to add either local or remote users as you need. You can keep track of everyone on the system, only enabling those your trust.

Not only does that help you always oversee all access to the personal cloud, but it makes it so that you can also control each individual’s security and level-of-service settings.

Less Problems and More Control

Beyond the above features, the device’s management page also enables you to oversee the numerous media and file sharing services that it comes with. That allows you to easily enable or disable anything you want by simply pushing a button.

Such micromanagements are incredibly important because they means you’ll never have anyone access the system that you don’t want. Even those that are on it can only use or view the information you want them to.

If you want to give someone full access, you can. If you need to keep someone restricted, you can do that as well.

It is rare to find a cloud that you can run in that way, but that extra layer security is why people gravitate towards products like the Seagate Personal Cloud.

When it comes to technology, safety is key.

Excellent And Secure Storage Options

The device manager is an excellent feature, but when it comes to security the Seagate Personal Cloud does not stop there.

Another big draw of the system is that is enables you to store and access all of your photos, videos, and documents without worry.

This is perhaps the most important security feature more casual or non-business users because it means all of your data, regardless of type, is protected.

Not only that, but the device also enables you to both save and share your folders and files through secure URL links.

This may seem like a minor touch, but it is one of vital importance. These extra security layers all strengthen one another and reveal how far the Seagate Personal Cloud goes to enhance the user experience and protect your information.

In addition, being able to send secure links to people as a way of file sharing also enhances the machine’s uses.

A Personal Touch

As great as the above measures are, the excellent file security does not stop there. It continues through the mixed use of public and private folders, all of which can be attributed to specific users for specific purposes.

Rather than just giving everyone access to everything that is on the network, all of the users are set up within the management pages. From there, they can be monitored and overseen as you need.

That section goes back to the above measures by showing just how much control the personal cloud gives you when it comes to access. It is not just a cloud out in space or run by a third-party you have no true connection to, it is your network that enables you to do what you want.

You have the option to determine who can access the system itself, and you also have the ability to determine who can access each individual folder.

Finally, you can back up all of your PCs or devices onto the personal cloud with the Seagate Dashboard. That utility, which works with almost all Seagate external drives and shows off more of the device’s impressive technology, helps cement the wonderful and safe storage options.

Access Files From Anywhere

We live in a modern world full of technology. As a result, a cloud’s security is only truly important if it can protect all of the different devices that access it.

The Seagate Personal Cloud hits that mark because it can link up with all kinds of mobile and stationary devices without compromising their security.

This is another key feature because it enables anyone who can use the system to get to their information both at-home or on the road with little to no worry.

All cloud systems strive for security, but mobile devices can be tricky. The Seagate Personal Cloud gets around that with excellent on-the-go security.

In fact, it employs the same mobile threat protection that banks use with their apps. By using such technology, the network always remains secure no matter where you are or what type of device you’re using.

That type of security may seem like overkill but, as with so many of the personal cloud’s features, it simply helps make sure your files remain safe and protected.

Beyond that, the mobile data can be accessed at all times. Immediate access is important and, while it is not specifically about security, the feature is still great to have.

Security On A Personal Level

There are many questions swirling around the cloud and how it relates to modern technology. People are naturally suspicious of networks, especially ones owned by large companies and tech giants.

A good way around with is with the Seagate Personal Cloud. The device has ample security features, and all of them work together wonderfully. They do not just protect your data, they do so without creating any use issues.

Often times security can get in the way of a device and stop it from working as intended. You’ll have no issues here, which is yet another high mark the personal cloud hits.

For all of those reasons, it is easy to see why the Seagate Personal Cloud is highly regarded. Answering the original question, is it safe? Most definitely.

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