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Western Digital My Cloud: Honest Review

If you’re like most technology-savvy individuals, you have thousands of files, pictures, videos, and music files. Where are they? Most likely, they’re spread across your phone, tablets, laptop, and desktop computers. Finding the one you’re looking for can be time-consuming and often frustrating.

Even more important – what happens if your laptop or mobile device bites the dust, and the stored images and documents are not recoverable? Maybe you don’t want to think about that scenario – maybe you should.

Aside from protecting your precious files and memories from disaster, your devices have a limited capacity, and sooner or later your phone or tablet will reach its limit, forcing you to either delete or move data to another storage device.

Western Digital My Cloud is a cost-effective, reliable solution to your backup and storage dilemma.

What Is Western Digital My Cloud?

Western Digital My Cloud is a software-powered, web-enabled, high-capacity storage unit. My Cloud enables you to backup, store, and share your files across every computer or mobile device enabled on your home network. You can even access My Cloud remotely via the web.

My Cloud is a network-attached storage (NAS) unit that connects directly to your home Wi-Fi router, making it accessible to all your wireless or network-connected computers, tablets, and smartphones.

Many small businesses and global enterprises have been using NAS systems for years to make data available to networked computers and mobile workforces. NAS gives businesses a technical edge in several ways:

  • Quick access to data and files needed
  • Online availability for both local and mobile employees
  • Backup storage for critical databases and documents
  • Flexibility in adding capacity as needed

Enhanced technology and the reduced cost of storage capacity have now made these systems available at very affordable prices for home and small business use.

NAS brings high-speed, high-capacity storage to home networks, providing many advantages:

  • Storing your photos and other data files for backup
  • Freeing storage space on your computers, phones, and tablets
  • Sharing files among family members and friends
  • Access your pictures and documents anytime, anywhere, with web accessibility
  • Automated backup of your files to secure storage
  • One central storage location for your entire family’s photos, videos, and important files

Ease of installing and setting up My Cloud makes this a perfect storage solution for your home or business.

Putting My Cloud To Work For You

Storing your important files is only one way Western Digital My Cloud helps you manage your data:

My Cloud is compatible with both Mac and PC computers

Backup and share photos and other information with family members and friends, enabled by the internet access

Keep your whole home up-to-date and synchronized with updates as files get changed or added. Leave the storing and backup of your files to My Cloud. Set it up and forget it.

Western Digital My Cloud Features

My Cloud is loaded with features that make it easy for you to get started with sharing and protecting your precious photos and videos.

Western Digital (WD) SmartWare Pro software provides flexibility and reliability in backing up your PC files. Have Mac devices in your home? My Cloud is fully compatible with Apple Time Machine, as well.

Free up space on your smartphones or tablets by letting the mobile app backup your photos to your own personal cloud. Why pay for online services for backup and sharing, when you can install your own cloud that gives you the benefits without the expense.


My Cloud is compatible with nearly any OS you use:

  • Windows 7, 8, 10
  • Mac OS X El Capitan, Yosemite, Mavericks, or Mountain Lion
  • My Cloud simply requires a router with internet connection and DLNA/UPnP devices for streaming
  • Gigabit Ethernet
  • Multiple storage capacity models available – 3, 4, 6, and 8TB units, to accommodate any data storage needs

Need even more security for your data? Choose the My Cloud Mirror model. Mirror utilizes RAID 1 technology to save your data twice on dual drives, just as costly enterprise systems mirror data for enhanced security.

My Cloud Mirror models are available in capacities of 4, 6, 8, 12, and 16TB units.

My Cloud Home, My Cloud, and My Cloud Mirror units come with a 2-year manufacturer’s warranty.


My Cloud models are compact, easy-to-install devices

My Cloud models are a mere 6.7” H x 5.5” D x 4.72” W – small footprint, easy to place near your WiFi router

Mirror models are only slightly larger, at 6.75” H x 6.1” D x 3.9” W

My Cloud Home models offer you the benefit of easy file storing and sharing, beginning at only $​$. These units also are available in a mirrored model – My Cloud Home Duo, providing you with a second drive that automatically saves your files to a second drive for redundant backup.

My Cloud Home is available in capacities of 2-20TB, allowing you to select the storage that meets your needs. Home models are set up quickly and easily, and offer several useful features:

  • Quick USB transfer of files and photos
  • No monthly fees – this is your personal cloud storage
  • Sets up with your phone – no computer is needed
  • Synch files from your mobile devices and computers to a central location

Western Digital also has the My Cloud models you need to support businesses data requirements, with the My Cloud Pro and My Cloud Expert models, equipped with high-speed processors and storage capacities up to an amazing 40TB.

Pro models allow creative teams to collaborate and share files quickly and efficiently, with raid-protected storage, and blazing speed provided by the latest technology in processors and drives.

What Do Consumers Say About My Cloud?

Western Digital My Cloud Reviews are offered both by technical professionals and customers.


Those who have purchased My Cloud systems provide plenty of feedback on their experience and satisfaction with the units:

  • “Overall I really like the NAS which is why I gave it 4 stars, it would have been 5 but for some poor choices on the manufactures end with default settings, IMO. It has performed without issue so far and I will update this thread if there are any changes.”
  • “After years of having multiple “Back-Up” external drives, I finally bit the bullet and bought the WD 4TB My Cloud. I couldn’t be happier. I have been able to consolidate all my files into one place. I love that they are accessible to any one of my computers. That I can get to my files as I travel is a major plus, yes this drive has remote capabilities. This drive is simple to install for those who are computer savvy, but I can see it being a bit more difficult for those who struggle with computers.”
  • “When you access My Cloud Drive Properties, you can change the needed settings. Key to this is utilizing the dashboard, then going through each setting. I have mine set to a static IP, power saving off, Auto Updating and so on.
  • “One of the bonuses to this drive is you can add an additional USB drive to the back of the unit, in order to create a safe point. This will help you recover data should your drive fail. It takes an image of the drive that can be used to restore your information to your drive. Remember however that recovery is only as good as the last safe point you have created.”
  • “If you are worried about what people will see if you give them access to your Cloud, then you have no worries. You can set each folders access list. Like any large network out there you are in control of who can view which files you wish. This is especially nice when your collaborating with someone on a project. So if your looking for a reliable personal cloud, and you are able to read instructions, you should be able to set this up with little to no effort.”
  • “After years of having multiple “Back-Up” external drives, I finally bit the bullet and bought the WD 4TB My Cloud. I couldn’t be happier. I have been able to consolidate all my files into one place. I love that they are accessible to any one of my computers. That I can get to my files as I travel is a major plus, yes this drive has remote capabilities. This drive is simple to install for those who are computer savvy, but I can see it being a bit more difficult for those who struggle with computers.”

Not everyone is as enamored with their My Cloud experience, as evidenced by some owners.

  • “I bought one of these about 2 years ago and it worked ok until it failed after about one year. I then bought a 4th one it it too have now got a failed disk after about 14 months.
  • “Hard drive failed after 1 week. Absolute garbage. DO NOT BUY THIS”

What The Pros Say

You can typically rely more on the evaluations offered by technical professionals when considering what type of NAS/cloud storage to invest in.

Technical experts Cnet make the positive statement that My Cloud is the “best budget home NAS server to date.” Cnet rates My Cloud at 8.3 on a scale of 10. Their findings:

  • The Good – The WD My Cloud is fast, affordable, and easy to use, and has a well-implemented, powerful personal cloud feature.
  • The Bad – The My Cloud mobile app’s streaming function is very limited and can only display content by folders.
  • The Bottom Line – For a low-cost entry-level network storage device, the WD My Cloud is very impressive both in performance and features, making it one of the best deals for home users.

Another technical review by an experienced technician with First Post technology news offers his results, granted after a fair amount of “tinkering” and adjusting settings:

“After setup, my home storage environment looked something like this:

  • All devices that need access to the data on the MyCloud drive can now access it over the home network.
  • All MacBooks will now automatically backup their data to the MyCloud drive.
  • Movies and music stored on iTunes are now accessible to everyone.
  • All iPhones now backup to the MyCloud drive.
  • All photos are accessible from anywhere to all members of my family.
  • Guests can access a limited collection of photos, music and movies.
  • Downloads automatically go to the MyCloud drive.
  • The Xbox One S can access the media library and can now stream movies to the TV at any time.
  • I would get email alerts when anything happened to the MyCloud drive, even a power outage.

With this one device and a few days of tinkering, I’ve vastly streamlined data use in my house and made it convenient for anyone to use and access data storage with minimal fuss. As a bonus, MyCloud consumes a fraction of the power that my PC consumes, so my electricity bill isn’t going to shoot through the roof.

It still took me a few days to sort out all the kinks in the system, but once sorted, it was easy to forget that the device even existed.”

What You Should Consider When Purchasing The Western Digital My Cloud

Western Digital My Cloud reviews are only one part of your decision-making process. As often is the case with even moderately technical equipment, you will find those who have a difficult time setting up and using new devices, while others feel it’s a snap.

My Cloud lies somewhere in between, based on the feedback from both consumers and professionals. There are a few common issues to think about before you make your purchase:

  • Capacity – purchase a unit large enough to accommodate your future needs. When you combine the photos, videos, office documents, and other data on your many devices, storage requirements add up very quickly.
  • Ease of Use – review the setup requirements of different models, to ensure your technical skills are adequate to make your installation successful with minimal difficulty or frustration.
  • Support – Western Digital offers a multitude of support capabilities including online FAQs, setup videos, portals that include question/answer capabilities, and even an online WD community to share experiences and ask questions to fellow consumers.
  • Security – before you open up your My Cloud to friends or others outside your WiFi router, make sure you understand the security functionality and have all access to your data secured.

Bonus! Purchasing some models of My Cloud through Amazon can sweeten the deal with discounts and interest-free financing for up to six months. Check Amazon’s website for current offers and promotions.

My Cloud models offer home networks and families great functionality for data backup, file synchronization, freeing up space on mobile devices and computers, and sharing data over WiFi and internet connections. All this at a very cost-effective purchase price and no recurring cost to the consumer.

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