How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Samsung

In 2024, the demand for Samsung smartphones reached a peak, with an impressive sale of 258 million units worldwide. One of the key reasons why people choose a Samsung system is its security. Users can protect all sorts of data, including text messages.

Yes, you got it right. Samsung users can effortlessly hide conversations and lock them with a pin code. So, if you want to snoop into someone’s chat, your chances are slim. The good news is that there are ways how to find hidden text messages on Samsung devices. We’ll explain the steps so that you can do it with ease.

See Hidden Messages On Android With Data Recovery Tool

If you can’t get hold of the device you want to check, don’t worry! There are plenty of recovery tools out there that can help you to retrieve Android hidden messages. The recovery software extracts the backup files from the device, allowing you to see the content of their chats.

The best part is that it’s incredibly easy to use. All you have to do is install reliable desktop software like the Android Recovery tool and connect their device via a USB cable. Then, you have to choose the hidden text from the list and transfer them to your PC.

How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Samsung With Third-Party Apps?


Just imagine: you can see the messages someone is typing on their phone as if you were holding it in your own hands. Sounds pretty incredible, right? Although recovery tools won’t let you read hidden messages on Android in real time, some third-party apps can do just that. We’ve tested out the most popular tool on the market and are ready to share our findings with you.

Monitoring application mSpy has been getting a lot of attention because it offers over 36 tracking tools designed for Samsung devices. Most importantly, the app can track hidden messages in real-time remotely. You don’t even need to connect their smartphone to a PC. All you have to do is install mSpy on the target device – that’s what we did to check it out.

After logging into the mSpy dashboard, we were amazed to see a comprehensive list of Android hidden messages with their contents. Moreover, we discovered that the app also provides access to call logs, saved photos, social media chats, and the device’s current location. Everything was neatly organized and easy to filter and search.

And as a nice bonus, the installation process was a breeze. it takes only 3 steps to launch the program.

Step 1. Register your mSpy account on the official website and pick a subscription plan that fits your needs.

Step 2. Download and install the application on the target device.

Step 3. Log into your mSpy dashboard. Now, you can track their hidden text messages in real-time!

How to Find Hidden Text Messages on Samsung In Settings?

If you have enough time to scroll through the settings on their device, we have a quick guide to make things easier. Here is a simple way how to find hidden text messages on Android.

Activate the Private Mode

By default, if users disable Private mode on their Samsung device, pictures, files, and messages are hidden from the File Manager. However, you can quickly turn it back on to access any content you want. Here’s how:

  1. Go to the “Settings.”
  2. Tap the “Private Mode” icon under the “Personalisation” category.
  3. Toggle on Private mode and enter the security code or password.
  4. Toggle off “Screen Lock” to prevent the device from exiting Private Mode.
  5. Go to the “Messages” app and look for hidden messages.

You can also navigate to the “My Files” folder to open any photos, videos, files, and audio clips that were previously hidden. As you can see, even if they know the answer to the question, “Is there a way to hide messages on iPhone and Android devices?” you can easily find the hidden content.

What Is A 100% Working Solution To Find Hidden Messages On Android Phone?

reading texts

Sometimes finding hidden messages can be overwhelming, especially if you try to avoid getting caught. We’ve outlined three different methods you can use to uncover those hidden messages, but keep in mind that each process varies in difficulty and effectiveness.

One of the easiest ways to find hidden text messages on phone is to use a monitoring app like mSpy. Why? Well, it has 5 clear advantages:

  1. You don’t have to enter a passcode or connect the target device to the PC.
  2. The app runs in Stealth mode, so they won’t know you’re keeping an eye on them.
  3. You can read hidden messages in real time from any Internet-connected device.
  4. User-friendly interface makes it easier to track down particular conversations.
  5. You get even more features aside from text messaging tracking.

Sure, other methods out there work too. However, if you don’t want to go down a long and winding road, mSpy is an effective app that really gets the job done. Plus, it offers a free demo version to see how it works without committing.


If you’re looking for ways how to find hidden text messages on Samsung, consider recovery tools like Android Data Recovery or simply adjust their privacy settings. These workarounds can be a bit time-consuming. But if you’re willing to invest the effort, give them a try.

However, if you need more quick and effective solutions, mSpy is your best bet. This monitoring app extracts all data from the target device, including hidden text messages, in real time. You can then quickly read them from your Online dashboard. Plus, it comes with a free demo version and works great on Samsung devices.

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