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I’ve Got A Gut Feeling He’s Cheating,No Proof, So This Is What I Did

Why can’t I shake the feeling he’s cheating? Maybe you’ve reached the point where you suspect your partner is cheating on you, but you have no clear evidence. And even though you want to trust them, your gut tells you something is off.

We don’t want to believe that the person we love could betray us like that, but unfortunately, it does happen.

Our heroines share their tales of heartbreak, betrayal, and—ultimately—redemption. If you feel like your partner is up to no good, read on for some weird signs he’s cheating based on the stories of real women (and even one man!). You might be surprised at what you find!


Intuition About Cheating Never Lies – Trust It


I experienced an intuition or anxiety cheating in my youth.

In college, I met my first man, Davis. He was my first everything, and I trusted him with all of my heart. We were happy for a long time until one day – I got a gut feeling that he was unfaithful. It was the weirdest thing because I had no proof, no concrete evidence, but something inside me just wouldn’t let go of the feeling.

Davis gently reassured me whenever I tried to talk to him about it, but the feeling grew stronger. “Why can’t I shake the feeling he’s cheating? Maybe I suffer from anxiety,” I thought to myself, trying to find a rational explanation. But my anxiety was never this intense before, so I knew something was up.

If I ever wanted to get rid of this feeling, I had to take things into my own hands. Davis would never admit to anything, even if he was cheating, so snooping around was my only option. And the right moment came sooner than I thought.

David was a football player in college and he always went on afterparties with his teammates after the games. So one night, I decided to trust my gut feeling about relationship and followed him. Guess what, I was right! He was kissing with one of the cheerleaders.

You would have thought I won the lottery if you saw me that night. I was so relieved that finally, I had some proof. Proof that he was cheating, not just my imagination playing tricks on me.

He Was Cheating On Me With Our Neighbor! – Check His Social Circle

Don’t ignore an intuition cheating! Your close people may in fact be the devil.

We were a great couple with Nate, and I believed things would only get better if we just moved in together. We had been dating for about a year when he suggested it, and I thought it was a great idea. But then, strange things started happening.

Nate would be gone for long hours without any explanation, becoming more distant. He barely had time for me anymore and when he was home. Сheating anxiety attacks became my new norm. He explained he was trying to make new friends with our neighbors and even assaulted me once when I asked him about his whereabouts.

I couldn’t help but feel like something was going on behind my back. One of our neighbors, Jane, tried to comfort me, telling me that Nate was probably just going through a phase.

She began to visit me every day to chat, but I felt she wasn’t sincerely interested in me. I couldn’t explain gut feeling about relationship. I just thought that she was trying to get information out of me about Nate.

I tried to shake off the feeling, but it lingered. So I started snooping through his things when he wasn’t home and going through his phone when he was asleep. You see, I found nothing out of the ordinary until one day, I saw a text message from Jane on his phone.

It read “I miss you, come over soon” with a heart emoji. My stomach dropped. There was no denying it now: Nate was cheating on me with Jane.

Why Can’t I Shake the Feeling He’s Cheating? Evidence Is Closer Than You Think


Why do I think my boyfriend is cheating? I had been dating my boyfriend for over two years. We were happy together, but I couldn’t shake the feeling that he was cheating. I didn’t have any proof, but something just didn’t feel right. He was attentive, gentle, and even more generous than usual with his time and affection.

However, strange presents started showing up in his apartment. A new watch, a pair of earrings, and even a new coffee mug. I asked him about them, and he said they were just things he had meant to get for himself. But why do I have a gut feeling my boyfriend is cheating? Why would he need all these things?

I started to feel like I was going crazy. I didn’t want to confront him without proof, but I also couldn’t shake the feeling that something was going on. So finally, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

I started snooping through his things when he wasn’t home. It felt wrong, but I had to know if my gut was correct or not. At first, I found nothing out of the ordinary. His new coffee mug was just a coffee mug, and his new watch was just a watch. “Is he cheating on me for real?” I thought.

But then I found something strange hidden in the back of his closet, behind some boxes. It was a shoebox, and inside it was a pair of women’s shoes. They were high heels, and they were not my size.

I couldn’t believe it. My gut had been right all along! My boyfriend was cheating on me, and he had been doing it right under my nose.

Weird Signs He’s Cheating Include Attention to Your Schedule

If you ask yourself, “Why do i feel like im being cheated on?”you have to read my story. Life is unpredictable with its lessons, but we have to learn them.

I’d never thought I would ever deal with cheating in my whole life. I was in a relationship for four years with a man who I thought loved me and would never hurt me.

But my illusions were shattered when I found out that he was dating his ex-girlfriend. It was the worst day of my life because I understood he was cheating on me. How did I catch them? It was an extraordinary case.

First, you need to know about cheaters – they’ll do everything to adapt to your schedule. Your busy hours at work, your plans with friends – these moments will be free for them to meet their partners. They’ll also be more interested in your schedule than ever before because they need to know when they can have some time for themselves.

That was what happened to me and interestingly, I hadn’t gut feeling about relationship.  He suddenly became interested in my plans and would always ask me about my schedule. I thought he was just being sweet and caring, but he was just trying to figure out when he could meet his ex-girlfriend.

One day I wanted to surprise him with a romantic dinner and took a day off to prepare everything. He didn’t know I stayed at home that day, so he thought it was the perfect opportunity to meet up with her. As the afternoon front door opened, I heard the footsteps in the hallway, but it wasn’t him. And the gut instinct in relationships said in my head, “I told you!” His ex-girlfriend walked into my house.

You can’t imagine her eyes bulging out of her head when she saw me. I was so hurt and angry, but I didn’t cry or show weakness in front of her. I just calmly asked her to leave, and she did. After that day, I never saw him again.

Intuition About Cheating Brings Out the Matter of Arguments

My story fits the line, “I feel like my boyfriend is cheating on me but I have no proof”.

If you meet me for the first time, you won’t think I am a calm person. On the contrary, my temperamental nature often gets me into trouble. And I was truly happy when I met Sam one day.

He seemed to be choleric like me but in a good way. We used to share everything and never had any secrets until I started feeling that he had an affair.

I couldn’t tell you what made me feel that way exactly. It was just a gut instinct in relationship. But it seemed like every time I asked him about it, we would get into a huge argument. And even though I had no proof, my intuition told me I was right. So I decided to take matters into my own hands.

The first thing I did was the analysis of our fights. Our fights became more of the silent type, where we would both be cold and distant from each other for days. I wondered, “Is he cheating on me?” And I noticed that these silent treatments always happened after he had been out with his friends.

That’s when I started to suspect that he was dating one of his female friends. And the more I thought about it, the more it made sense. She was single, beautiful, and always flirting with him whenever I was around.

So I decided to take action. The next time he went out with her, I followed them. And sure enough, they ended up at a hotel together. Now I believe myself whenever I have a gut feeling my boyfriend is cheating. (We are not together with Sam,  never again.)

I Think He’s Cheating On Me So I Used A Spying App


Girls, our first rule should be, “I need to get out of this relationship I have a gut feeling he’s cheating again.”

Trust is essential for any relationship, and I am proud to be a very trusting person. Or at least I used to be until my husband started acting strange, and I began to suspect he was cheating on me. He would go out “to meet friends” and come back late.

One more time, I am a trusting person. So when my husband acted strangely, I always had a valid explanation for his behavior. But with time, his excuses became more and more far-fetched, so I thought,  “Gut feeling husband is cheating is intense, but I won’t believe it.”

I wasn’t happy at all, and my friends told me my face looked pale and that I had lost weight. They said I looked like a wreck.

Don’t laugh at me, but even at that critical stage, I brought myself to believe his lies. I wanted to trust him so badly that I convinced myself of things that were clearly not true. But time passed, and his lies became more and more obvious. Finally, I concluded, “I think he’s cheating on me.”

One day, I couldn’t stand it anymore. I had to find out what was really going on, even if it meant snooping through his things. But I didn’t want to do it directly. I tried to be sneaky about it.

That’s when I came up with the idea of installing a spy app on his phone. It took a little work, but eventually, I installed the app on his phone without him knowing. Luckily, he had given me his iCloud password a while back, it was a big chance to prove he was cheating on me. And once it was installed, I had access to everything he did on his phone.

To my disappointment, his gallery and messaging apps were blank, like he had just wiped them clean. But the program synched our accounts fastly according to his browsing history (He was a huge fan of YouTube). I decided to wait for a single message he wouldn’t manage to delete.

And boy, did it ever.

One night I woke up from a notification on my phone to find a message from his co-worker. After that message, I didn’t doubt, ”Is he cheating on me?”It was an innocent “Hello” at midnight, but her attached picture wasn’t so much. She wore a tiny tank top and a pair of panties that barely covered anything.

I kept quiet and played cool. The next day when he came home from work, I asked him about his day like usual and then casually brought up the fact that I had seen the message from his co-worker. He tried to play it off like it was nothing, but I could see the guilt all over his face.

Gut Feeling She’s Cheating No Proof  – Assess Her Behavior

Women’s intuition cheating is always on point as well male intuition. When I married my wife, I thought I had finally found the woman of my dreams. We were always on the same page, communication was never an issue, and we just seemed to click.

But lately, something has been off. I couldn’t quite put my finger on it, but I had that gut feeling.

 And even though I had gut feeling she’s cheating no proof, I decided to take matters into my own hands.

First, I started paying attention to her behavior. I asked myself, what has changed? I noticed that she began to work later and later, and she was always tired. Cassie used to be so full of energy, and now she’s just dragging. She’s also been more distant emotionally. She doesn’t seem as interested in me or our relationship.

After a month of reflection, I decided to confront her. I asked her point-blank, ‘Why do i feel like im being cheated on?’. Cassie had no answer, and she looked guilty as hell. That was all the confirmation I needed. We had to break up.

The most hurt part of this experience was that I never got any closure. She just up and left one day with no explanation. It’s been months, and I still don’t know why she did it. Maybe she’ll come back one day and tell me, or maybe she’ll never speak to me again.

How to Know He’s Cheating

There are some telltale signs that your man is cheating on you that can give you a prompt on how to catch a cheater. If he starts working longer hours, goes on more business trips, or is evasive about his whereabouts, there might be a problem. Additionally, if he suddenly shows less interest in sex or spends more time on his looks, these might also be warning signs. You should take prompt action if you suspect your man of cheating.

The best way to be sure that he’s cheating is to use spy app to catch cheaters.  Several of these are available on the market, and they can give you access to his texts, calls, and social media activity. This will let you see if he’s talking to other women or if he’s making plans to meet up with them. Additionally, you can use GPS tracking to see where he is when he’s not with you. If he’s meeting up with someone else, you’ll be able to see it.

Best way to catch a cheater is mSpy. It’s affordable and easy to use and will give you the information you need to confront him about his infidelity.


If you think your man is cheating, don’t wait to find out for sure. Use mSpy to get the evidence that you need.

The main features of mSpy that can help you understand how to know he’s cheating include:

📍GPS Tracking: See where your man is at all times, even when he’s not with you.

📍Call Logs: Check to see who he’s been talking to and for how long.

📍Social Media Monitoring: See what he’s saying on Facebook, WhatsApp, Snapchat, and more.

It’s easy to install mSpy on your phone in three steps:

  • register an account;
  • choose a tariff plan;
  • install mSpy and start monitoring.

Now you know how to tell if he is cheating! It is that easy and reliable! Give it a try now.


Why do I feel like im getting cheated on? Our heroes feel like they are getting cheated on for many reasons. In some cases, it’s because their partners are acting differently. In others, they just have a feeling. But whatever the reason may be, these people took action. So don’t be afraid to trust your gut, and do what you feel is right for you.

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